SIA2862: Battle Creek Ravine

Photographer:Roy D. Tea
Copyright:Copyright © Roy D. Tea
Date Added:2008/02/14
Location:Battle Creek Ravine, Idaho

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This is Battle Creek ravine or canyon which cuts through the farm land from the right center of the photo down to the bottom. The Bidwell Party had to go around this ravine at the bottom of the Little Mountain in the top half of the photo. They traveled south around the mountain then back north to the left on the other side to cross the ravine in the upper left of the photo.

The lake or reservoir at the top right is made from water carried by a large, long, syphon from Battle Creek off the photo on the top right. These ravines caused Bidwell to comment in his diary: "Continued our journey over hills and ravines, going to almost every point of the compass in order to pass them. ..."

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