SIA3014: Connor Springs

Photographer:Roy D. Tea
Copyright:Copyright © Roy D. Tea
Date Added:2008/07/22

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This is Conner Springs where the Bidwell Party camped on Friday the 20th of August. Bidwell wrote: "Marched off in a northwest direction, and intersected our trail of Thursday last, having made a complete triangle in the plain. At this intersection of the trails, we left a paper elevated by a pole, that the men returning from Fort Hall might shun the tedious rounds we had taken. Found grass and water which answered our purpose very well, though both were salt. Distance, ten miles."

Sunday, 22nd: "This morning a man (Mr. Bralaski) returned from the Fort, and said the reason why he came alone was, the other man had left him, because he was unable to keep up with them, he having a park-horse laden with provision. He had seen the paper at the intersection of the trails and was guided by it to the camp; the others were undoubtedly going the rounds of the triangle. Sure enough, they came up in the afternoon, having gone to the river and back..."

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