SIA3024: Salt Wells

Photographer:Roy D. Tea
Copyright:Copyright © Roy D. Tea
Date Added:2008/07/15

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This is the Salt Springs. John Bidwell wrote: "Tuesday 24th. ...traveled about ten miles in a westerly [north] direction; encamped where we found numerous springs, deep, clear and somewhat impregnated with salt. The plains were snowy white with salt. Here we procured salt of the best quality. The grass, that grew in small spots on the plains, was laden with salt which had formed itself on the stalks and blades in lumps, from the size of a pea to that of a hen's egg; this was the kind we procured, it being very white, strong and pure."

Wednexday, 25th. Remained here all day.

James John wrote on the 245h: "...Travelled about 10 miles and camped near a number of Salt Springs not far from the Lake. These springs are deep. One of our horses would have drowned had we not saved them in time. There are also extensive plains here which border on the Lake."

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