SIA4104: NPS Marker: Why Here?

Photographer:Calvin J. Hamilton
Copyright:Copyright © 2013 Calvin J. Hamilton. All rights reserved.
Date Added:2013/10/02
Location:Hopewell Mound Group, Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Chillicothe, Ohio

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Why Here?

Why did the Hopewell choose this spot for such an important ceremonial site? This large level terrace had good soil conditions making it an optimal stage for a grand earthwork. The North Fork of Paint Creek would have been a major source of water and a corridor for travel. Nearby suphur springs may have beend used for medicinal or other uses. Or perhaps the area held special religious significance. The real reason is known only by the ancient architects.

The Hopewell were amazing engineers and built walls identifying the size of the earthworks. Some walls were built as tall as 12 feet. Here, the walls were measured at 4-6 feet in height and encompassed 100 football fields in the area. Further up the trail, you will see remnants of the oritinal wall.

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