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PLATE V. No. 4.


On the plan of the Newark valley, given by Squier and Davis, S. C. Vol. I., Plate 36, No. IV., this work might be laid down on the hills overlooking the South Fork; at an elevation of about two hundred and fifty feet. The stream washes the base of the hill on which the enclosure stands; and runs between the hills and the Ohio Canal. It is, no doubt, part of the great system of works constructed about Newark and Granville. On the west the wall is light, and the ditch shallow, and on the north neither is traceable; probably never made. The manner in which an interior ditch became serviceable to defense, will appear by examining the vertical section, a, b, showing the two walls as they rise one above the other, on the steep hill-side. The ascent is very difficult from the creek on the north, all the way to the work; so that the open space in the wall on that side could be easily defended. Why there should be so many unprotected openings in the embankment is more than I can account for.

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