Further Adventures of Eut-le-ten

The Four Terrors Guarding the House of Nas-nas-shup

Before the house of Nas-nas-shup there was a lake in which there lived great demon frogs, which croaked loud warnings when any dared approach. Inside the outer door a codfish lay, of size enormous, ready to devour the bold intruder who might gain entrance there, and if the stranger safely passed the cod, his body would be entered by two snakes which waiting, sought to kill the fearless one. All these were safely passed by Eut-le-ten, who changed himself, when danger pressed too close, to that small primal pool of tears from which he sprang.

Within the house he saw chief Nas-nas-shup clothed in his robe of prime sea otter skins. He also saw the spikes which surrounded the sacred place where lay the daughter of the chief.

The spikes were hidden in the ground, just where a stranger would be asked to rest awhile, but Eut-le-ten remembered what the old squaws said to him, and taking the stone charm he broke them down. The chief was astonished to see the power of Eut-le-ten, and forthwith asked of him from whence he came and what his errand was.

Then Eut-le-ten declared himself and said, "I come from that great world beneath the sky where many people live who do not know the land where dwells the Tyee Nas-nas-shup. I come to see the wonders of his lodge, and learn the many secrets hid from man, so that returning to my home below, I may be able so to teach the tribes, that many things of which they do not dream, may be revealed, and made as plain as day. But there is one of whom great tales are told among the young men of the world below, it is of her that I would speak to thee. Thy daughter, chief, I come to ask of thee, to be the mother of my little ones."

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