SIA4149: Story Mound Artifacts

Copyright:Public Domain
Date Added:2014/01/01
Location:Chillicothe Ohio

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Items 13 - 19 come from the excavation of Story Mound and include:

13. A cache of six chalcedony spears found in the circle of posts.
14. A cache of nine similar implemets found near the above.
15. Three bone awls of deer antler, found near the caches.
16. A beautiful "coffin ceremonial" found in the right wrist of the skeleton. Perforated, polished and of ribbon slate.
17. A "coffin ceremonial", burned, not perforated. Lay near the left wrist of th eskeleton.
18. A beveled ornament of ribbon slate, highly polished. Found near the left wrist. Its edges are very sharp.
19. Bone beads found with the skeleton.

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