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Faces of the Civil War at Gettysburg

Private Thomas Daniel DuBose
Hampton's Calvary Brigade - Later in 1864, Company I, 7th South Carolina Cavalry. Gunshot wound to left arm in summer 1862 caused infections and hospitalization on-and-off for two years. His Brigade fought at East Cavalry Field on July 3, 1863.
Lt.-Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood
7th West Virginia, Carroll's Brigade - Commanded the 7th at Gettysburg, and had his horse shot out from under him. He was hit by grapeshot which struck his sword scabbard, driving it into his abdomen, causing a hernia of the left side. The hernia contributed significantly to his death 29 years later on April 1, 1892. His daughter Mary Lockwood states, "he was seized with a violent attack of coughing, causing the hernia tumor to protrude causing him great pain and suffering, every effort was made to reduce it, but to no avail."
Corporal Humphrey Posey Lynch
Company C, 34th North Carolina Infantry, Scales Brigade - age 26. Survived an assault on Seminary Ridge July 1 1863 & Pickett's Charge on July 3. Surrendered at Appomattox, April 1865. Farmer. Wife & 8 children. Died of heart attack, January 1898. Buried in Rutherford County, N.C.
2nd Lieutenant Frederick Boland
Company B, 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Webb's Brigade - Born near Manchester, England, March 30, 1838. Shot in left side at Antietam; hand at Fredericksburg; left leg at Gettysburg; and the throat at Cold Harbor. Described as "Modest, reliable, brave, and careful of his men."
Private Reuben Haines
Company I, 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, Baxter's Brigade - Coal miner and farmer by trade. Wounded at Gettysburg. Suffered from lung problems after war.
Private John Garland Ayres
1st Richmond Howitzers, Cabell's Battalion - Suffered severe head wound at Gettysburg. The skull was trepanned in Germany after the war and a silver plate inserted. He was a cotton broker after the war. Later his Gettysburg wound led to suicide in San Francisco, California and is buried there.
Colonel Sergeant George A. Branard
Company L, 1st Texas Infantry, Robertson's Brigade - Blinded in left eye, and deaf in left ear from an exploding shell, suffered while carrying the Regimental Flag into Devil's Den, July 2, 1863. Wounded at Knoxville. Married 1866, 10 children. Died 1909.
Private Henry Putnam Long
Company D, 11th Georgia Infantry, Anderson's Brigade - Blacksmith by trade. Fought in Wheatfield on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg. Survived and served 4 years. Surrendered in Kingston, Georgia on May 12, 1865.

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