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Faces of the Civil War at Gettysburg

Private Samuel Gransford Ayres
1st Richmond Howitzers, Cabell’s Battalion - Survived Gettysburg but admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in September 1863 for remittent fever. He may have surrendered at Appomattox in April 1865. Elected Judge 14th Judicial District in Tennessee after the war. Died in Nashville July 1879.
2nd Lieutenant Isaac A. Dunsten
Company C, 105th Pennsylvania Infantry, Graham’s Brigade - Wounded in the Peach Orchard, July 2, 1863. Died August 26, 1863. The Glee Club played "Rally Round the Flag" at his sick bed - Camp Letterman, Gettysburg. He exclaimed, "Yes boys . . . and you will rally oft again!"
Sergeant John Cooley
Company A, 28th Massachusetts Infantry - Born in Galway, Ireland in 1831. Wounded on July 2, 1863 and died on July 3.
Color Sergeant John William Sharp Morgan
Company K, 35th Georgia, Thomas’ Brigade - Killed In Action at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. He was detailed for picket duty to cover for a "close neighbor to him at home . . . who complained of being sick & unable to go. No one believed he was sick." John prevented his arrest by volunteering, ‘to take his place . . . this was the last of this brave soldier.'
Private William E. DuBois
Company C, 136th New York Infantry, Smith’s Brigade - 19 years old at Gettysburg. 5 ft. 3 in., black hair, black eyes, and a dark complexion. His regiment defended at West Cemetery Hill, along Taneytown Road. Wounded in left arm on July 3.
Private James S. Lafferty
Company M, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Provost Guard, Army Headquarters - Guarded General Meade at Leister Farm Field. At 12 midnight on July 3, his guard escorted 2,500 Confederate prisoners to Westminster. Lafferty died in Blanket Hill, Pennsylvania October 11, 1917.
Corporal Thomas J. Marlin
Company K, 155th Pennsylvania Infantry, Weed’s Brigade - His regiment helped repulse Confederate attacks against Little Round Top on July 2, 1863. A few days after the battle he became Color-Sergeant. He survived the war and became a medical doctor in 1873.
Private Jesse Franklin Adams
Company G, 18th North Carolina Infantry, Lane’s Brigade - Conscripted into the Confederate Army, September 8, 1862. Fought on McPherson’s Ridge July 1, 1863.

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