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Faces of the Civil War at Gettysburg

Private Thomas Morgan Fraleigh
Company F, 150th New York Infantry, Lockwood's Brigade - Enlisted in Red Hook, New York and was 40 years old at Gettysburg. He was married to Hannah M. Polmatier and they had 10 children. Fought next to McAllister's Mill, along Rock Creek. He wrote, "I had two men shot along side of me." To his wife he expressed, "I send my love to you and the children," and "We've not been paid . . . I suppose you want some but I've none, so we will have to get along the best we can, do as well as you can. I think the war will end this at least I hope."
2nd Lieutenant David B. Sleight
Company I, 150th New York Infantry, Lockwood's Brigade - Fought along Trostle Lane July 2, 1863, and Culp's Hiss on July 3. Killed In Action near Averasboro, North Carolina in 1865.
2nd Lieutenant John Holland Fryer
Company A, 5th Alabama Infantry, O'Neal's Brigade - Age 27. Shot through the left lung on July 1, 1863 and captured. Taken to Johnson's Island Prison, Sandusky, Ohio, until end of war. Died of pneumonia April 30, 1881. Buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, Texas.
Colonel Robert P. Cummins
142nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Biddle's Brigade - Mortally wounded on July 1, 1863. Died on July 2. Although only age 36, his men affectionately called him "Old Man." His last words in battle were, "Rally, we can whip them yet."
Sergeant George C. Smith
Company C, "Davis Rifles," 12th Georgia Infantry, Doles' Brigade - Wounded slightly at Gettysburg and two more times during the war. His left big toe was shot off at "Third Winchester" in September 1864. Surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia on April 12, 1865. Was a farmer in South Georgia after the war. He died in Mitchell County, Camilla, Georgia in 1912.
Corporal Lawrence Fiegenschuh
Company L, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Farnsworth's Brigade - During the Gettysburg campaign, he fought in the battles of Hanover June 30, 1863, Hunterstown July 2, 1863, and the extreme left of the Union line at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. He was captured at Hagerstown, MD July 6, 1863, while pursuing Lee's retreating Confederate Army. Died on November 8, 1871 from tuberculoses, in Philadelphia, at age 48.
2nd Lieutenant Frank E. Moran
Company H, 73rd New York Infantry, Brewster's Excelsior Brigade - Wounded in right ankle & left eye July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, from the bursting of a shell. Lost sight in left eye, taken prisoner. Not released until March 1, 1865 at Wilmington, N.C.
Private Jacob Shenkel
Company L, 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Sweitzer's Brigade - Musician. He served as a nurse to wounded from his brigade which fought in the Wheatfield July 2 1863. He carried, fed, shaved, and medically dressed the wounded. He also restrained men for amputation.

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