Artic Fox. Artic Fox
The Arctic Fox is a small animal approximately the size of a large cat. It lives in some of the coldest areas on the planet. It has been able to cope with this due to its thick fur, body fat, and unique circulation system.
Barn Swallow Barn Swallow
California Condor. California Condor
California condors once on the brink of extinction, now are on the brink of recovery. From only 22 condors left in existence, their numbers have risen to over 200.
Capybara. Capybara
The Capybara is the largest existing rodent in the world. It is distantly related to the guinea pig.
Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle
The threatened Green Sea Turtle is one of seven species of sea turtles found throughout the world. An adult Green Sea Turtle carapace can measure more than three feet (one meter) in straight carapace length, and weigh 220 pounds (100 kilograms).
Ground Hog Ground Hog
The Ground Hog, also known as the Woodchuck, is one of a large group of ground squirrels known as marmots.
Hawaiian Moorhen Hawaiian Moorhen
The Hawaiian Moorhen is a dark gray bird with a black head and neck, and white feathers on their flanks and on their undertail coverts (or feathers). They have a very distinctive red frontal shield, and their bill tip is yellow with a red base.
Laysan Albatross Laysan Albatross
The albatross has been described as the "true nomad of the oceans." Since the first humans encountered albatrosses at sea, they have marveled at their mastery of the ocean despite the harshest North Pacific storms.
Monk Seal Monk Seal
An adult monk seal is usually dark grey or brown with a light grey or yellow belly. Adults can weigh anywhere from 396 to 595 pounds; adult females are generally larger than males.
Nene Nene - Hawaiian Goose
This regal goose is Hawai`i's state bird. The Nene measures between 22 to 26 inches in length, has a black head and bill, yellow-buff cheeks, a buff neck with dark furrows, and partially webbed black feet.
Opossum Opossum
"The spark of life barely flickers in his brain. His ancestors walked in the shadow of dinosaurs and mingled with horses that grew only 12 inches tall. Slow, clumsy and low on the intelligence scale, the opossum is an ancient mammal..."

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