Known for beauty and splendor, the Hawaii Islands are one of our favorite places.

Haleakala National Park Haleakala National Park
Haleakala National Park is renowned for its inspiring volcanic landscapes resulting from the constant clash of the constructive force of volcanism and the destructive forces of erosion. It is a special place vibrating with stories of ancient and modern Hawaiian culture.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Volcanoes are monuments to Earth's origin, evidence that its primordial forces are still at work.
Hawaiian Folk Tales Hawaiian Folk Tales
One of the ways one can get to know a culture is through their tales and legends. This is a collection of native legends compiled by Thos. G. Thrum.
Hawaiian Volcanic Rocks Hawaiian Volcanic Rocks
Explore the vast diversity of Hawaiian Volcanic rocks.
Legends of Maui Legends of Maui
This is a collection of The Legends of Maui a Demi God of Polynesia and of His Mother Hina compiled by W. D. Westervelt and published in 1910.
Wai'anapanapa State Park Wai'anapanapa State Park
The 122-acre Wai'anapanapa State Park is located off Hana highway near mile marker #32 and about a half-mile from the Hana airport. It is a delightful location, clean, and well maintained.
Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
Few national cemeteries can compete with the dramatic natural setting of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The "Punchbowl" was formed some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago during the Honolulu period of secondary volcanic activity. Although there are various translations of the Punchbowl's Hawaiian name, "Puowaina," the most common is "Hill of Sacrifice."
Puukohola Heiau Pu'ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site
The stone heiau at Pu'ukoholā is one of the last major sacred structures built in Hawaii before outside influences altered traditional life permanently. Constructed in 1790-91 by Kamehameha I, this heiau, or temple, played a crucial role in the ruler's ascendancy.
Puakō Petroglyph Archeological District Puakō Petroglyph Archeological District
The 233-acre Puakō Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve contains one of Hawaii's largest collections of rock art with more then 3,000 designs identified.

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