Hastings Hastings Cutoff Introduction
The advent in the fall of 1845 by John C. Fremont with his exploring pack party crossing the Great Salt Lake Desert, began a chain of events that led to the opening of the Hastings Cutoff and of emigrants traversing the desolate Great Salt Lake Desert.
Hastings Cutoff Pictorial Hastings Cutoff Trail Guide
The first emigrants on Hastings Cutoff used several different trails when they crossed the Salt Lake Valley. These emigrants include the Bryant/Russell Party, the Harlan/Young wagon party, the Lienhard Party, the Donner/Reed Party, and the Mormons.
Hastings Cutoff Hastings Cutoff Slide Show
The Hastings Cutoff slide show is a set of 163 pictures with captions by Roy D. Tea.
Hastings The Great Salt Lake Desert
This account by Roy D. Tea takes a look at the roll the Great Salt Lake Desert had with the pioneer emigrants that crossed it. It covers the early emigrants through the 1850 emigrant parties.
Hastings Cutoff Hastings Cutoff Trail Guide Text Only
This is a text only version of the Pictorial Hastings Cutoff Trail Guide.
Donner Party Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California
The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California was published by Lansford Hastings in 1845. The guide was more of a commercial venture and not a real trail guide. In it Hastings describes a 'Cutoff' through the salt desert, later taken by the Donner Party resulting in disaster.
Donner Party The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate
This was written by Eliza P. Donner Houghton and published in 1911.

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