Nutrition Breads, Crusts, & Wraps


General instructions for these favorite recipes:


It really is that simple. There may be more complex procedures to make the perfect sprout, but this works fabulously well, so why take more time and trouble? Some grains are soft and can be used after the first soaking–buckwheat, chickpeas, oats, quinoa. Wheat and the harder grains take a little longer. Most are ready to use when the "tails" (roots) extend half the length of the grain. With a little experience, you will soon master the properties of your grains, legumes and seeds!

APPLE CRUST — firm, crisp rounds

BUCKWHEAT CRUST — thick & filling crust

Spread 1 crust about ½ inch thick on drying sheet.

CARAWAY-RYE — a nice flavor change

CUMIN CRUSTS — great aroma

ONION BREAD — #1 for flavor!!

Divide onto two drying sheets and spread to desired thickness.

PEPPER TOAST — hot bread

By combining the grain's amino acids with the amino acid lysine readily found in legumes, this toast offers a complete protein combination.

SQUASH WRAP I — great for a thick shell

Use a blender until smooth. Use two dehydrator sheets. Dry until you can peel the wrap off the sheet and flip onto mesh sheets. Continue drying until dry but pliable.

SQUASH WRAP II — reasonably strong when thin


Can be formed into rounds for bases, or shaped during second dehydration (when transferred onto mesh sheet) into crisp shells.

FRESH WRAPS — fast and light

Without doubt, these are excellent. Not to be overlooked!

NORI WRAPS — ocean flavor, mineral rich

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