Nutrition Resources

We only recommend the very best. We have read these books and know and use the resources here.

The Best Raw Food Recipes and Information

James, Russell. The Raw Chef. (England.)
Online resource. Gourmet talent. Easily understood. Great recipes. You can purchase his e-books. They are all excellent. For those really interesting in gourmet raw food preparation consider his DVD courses.

Boutenko, Victoria. Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health Green Smoothie Revolution .
Victoria Boutenko provides a truly inspiring book on the power of greens and what makes them taste great. Her book Green for Life is also excellent. Green smoothies are one of the easiest and fastest ways to change your diet and do it quickly.

Brotman, Juliano. RAW the UnCook Book.
This book was my first introduction to raw food. Since everything was new to me I treated it like a textbook; I read, experimented and learned a lot. I put foods together I would not have thought to combine on my own. After each recipe our family would say "Interesting!" It became our household word during this process. Juliano's recipes are gourmet, although extremely salty. The book is expensive.

Safron, Jeremy A. The Raw Truth: The Art of Preparing Living Foods. (Berkeley: Celestial Arts, 2003.)
I can recommend The Raw Truth for three good reasons. The recipes are understandable and simple to use without a complicated list of ingredients for the most part. It's educational for the beginner – it answered some of my preparation questions other raw food books didn't explain. It's relatively inexpensive.

Wolfe, David. Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About the World's Greatest Food
"This book will lead you on a journey into the world of chocolate. Learn the myths and legends associated with this life-giving food, what it's really made of, and many new ways to eat, cook, and enjoy chocolate. With recipes that utilize not just chocolate but other life-giving, rich-in-nutrient foods, you'll discover chocolate doesn't just come in candy bars... This book provides a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind perspective on chocolate that hasn't been explored before."

Wolfe, David. Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
All of the products by David Wolfe are excellent. Superfoods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that have recently become widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. This book talks about the incredibly nutritious plant products such as goji berries, hempseed, cacao beans (raw chocolate), maca, spirulina, bee products, and a host of others. It includes historical background on each, recent scientific research, and recipes on the use of these superfoods.

Where to Purchase Products

Because we live in Hawaii, we frequently purchase through for the free shipping, but you need to know what you are shopping for. The following are other resources that we trust:
Mountain Rose Herbs
Purchase bulk herbs, spices, seeds, nut butters and oils, teas, and other natural health products.
Pacific Botanicals
Another good source of herbs, spices, sea vegetables, super food powders, and organic seeds.
Nuts OnLine
A great source of nuts and dried fruit. Order raw and organic.
Dr. Schulze's Formulas
We use Dr. Schulze's bowel, liver, and kidney detox programs. His formulas are very effective.
Longevity Warehouse
This company only sells top quality products and longevity technologies.


Food, Inc.
This is an excellent video that every man, woman, and child needs to see. It should be shown in every school. We highly recommend watching this video for an education on where your food comes from.
The World According to Monsanto
This is another excellent documentary detailing the corruption of one of the most dangerous companies on the planet, "Monsanto." This is the company that produced the deadly chemicals such as PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, and are trying to patent & control all food production through its genetically modified seeds. This is a must see video. To stay informed about GMOs visit the web site Institute For Responsible Technology. The same material can be read in the book The World According to Monsanto

The Best Health Resources

David Hall's Cellerciser
We only recommend the best and in this case it is worth the extra $$$ for what the Cellerciser can do for you.
David Wolfe's Longevity Now Program
This program is excellent. It will extend your life. Prior to this I recommend going through Dr. Schulze's intestinal, liver, and kidney cleanses; however, any of the protocols in this program can be started at any time and everything you add will help on your path to health.
Fungi Perfecti LLC (
Paul Stamets is the leading expert on Medicinal Mushrooms and this is his web site.
Institute For Responsible Technology.
Companies such as Monsanto have pushed technology on consumers without regard to the deadly poisons they produce and the lives that have been devastated. They are only interested in profit. The Institute For Responsible Technology is to help the consumers be informed as to the products they use. contains a wealth of scientific health information. They have excellent products. It is worth setting up an account and getting their newsletters.
Raw Family (
The Boutenko family maintains this web site. They are the leading experts on Green Smoothies.
Dr. Richard Schulze's Blog
Dr. Schulze has a wealth of on-line information primarily centered around the power of detoxification and cleansing. This includes his books, videos, and lectures.
School of Natural Healing
A great school for learning herbal health and alternative treatments.

Out of the Best Books

Here are additional books we have learned from.
Ober, Clinton. Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
"Earthing connects us to Nature and Nature is the ultimate source of health and healing. This book is a manual for one of Nature's great healing secrets." -John Gray, Ph.D.
Schulze, Richard. There are No Incurable Diseases.
A no-nonsense approach to health and healing. His herbal combinations and cleanses really work. This book and many other's by Dr. Schulze are available on-line and for free.
Walker, Norman. Diet and Salad..... (also his book series.)
An easy read, truly thoughtful information, recommendable salad combinations.
Wolfe, David. The Sunfood Diet.
Insightful philosophy. Explanatory. Great quotes.

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