SIA1978: Kirtland Temple Stone Quarry

Photographer:Calvin J. Hamilton
Copyright:© 2006 Calvin J. Hamilton
Location:Chapin Forest Reservation, Ohio

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After Heber C. Kimball returned to Kirtland from the Zion's Camp march, "Joseph said, 'Come, brethren, let us go into the stone-quarry and work for the Lord.' And the Prophet went himself, in his tow frock and tow breeches, and worked at quarrying stone like the rest of us" (Deseret News, May 27, 1863, 1).

The Berea sandstone bedrock quarried here was used in the construction of the Kirtland Temple.

Workers spent long days cutting stone, drying it in the sun, then driving stone-loaded wagons to the temple site, two miles north.

The laborers who worked in the quarry and at the Temple construction site did so with great conviction and sacrifice. Joseph Smith, founder and first chuch president, served as quarry foreman. The temple was begun in 1833 and completed in 1836.

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