SIA2230: The Prophet's Last Ride

Copyright:© Copyright 2007 Calvin J. Hamilton
Date Added:2007/02/27
Location:Nauvoo, Illinois

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The inscription on this monument reads:

The Prophet's Last Ride

On the morning of June 24, 1844, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum left their families, homes, and fellow Saints for the last time. Traveling on horseback, they paused on this bluff. Joseph looked admiringly at the unfinished temple and the city of Nauvoo and declared:

This is the loveliest place and the best people under the heavens; little do they know the trials that await them.

Joseph and Hyrum then continued on to Carthage, Illinois, where they faced legal charges and eventual death at the hands of a mob.

Sculpted by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany, 2003.

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