SIA2257: Barrier Canyon Petroglyph Panel

Copyright:© Copyright 2007 Calvin J. Hamilton
Location:Thompson, Utah

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Some of the most spectacular examples of rock art in the Southwest are attributed to Archaic people. Archaic people were nomads, hunting large and small game animals, collecting and processing wild plants. They did not build permanent habitation structures, but lived in caves and in small brush shelters built in the open. They occupied this are from approximately 8,000 years ago until the introduction of corn agriculture about 2,000 years ago.

This rock art, the Barrier Canyon Style, usually consists of larger than life size anthropomorphic (manlike) forms. The identifying characteristic of these figures is hollowed eyes or missing eyes, the frequent absence of arms and legs, and the anthropomorphs with bug-eyes, antennae, earrings, snakes in hand, and leg-less torsos. The "ghost-like" images, may represent shamanistic art associated with ritual activities of the Archaic people.

This picture is a mosaic of seven pictures. The original size is 11651 pixles by 3540 pixels and is avilable upon request, but because of its size it is not placed on ScienceViews.

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