SIA3011: Corinne

Photographer:Roy D. Tea
Copyright:Copyright © Roy D. Tea
Date Added:2008/07/15

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This is Corinne on the west bank of the Bear River. The Bidwell Party was traveling south looking for the Great Salt Lake. They began traveling on the lake mud flats, the wagons started to mire so the party decided to turn and travel 5 miles east to the Bear River. West and south of this area there are many ox bows (old river channels) like the one in the lower left center of the photo. The party had to come to this vicinity to camp. They mentioned that there were a lot of willows on the banks of the river. At the left top of the photo there are still many willows. The 1869 railroad grade is on the top right edge of the photo below and next to the highway. It is between the river and the highway which runs through the center of town. The river makes a bend just off of the photo to the right.

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