SIA3048: Owl Springs

Photographer:Roy D. Tea
Copyright:Copyright © Roy D. Tea
Date Added:2008/07/26

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After the Bidwell Party rounded the point and headed west, they would see the cottonwood trees at Owl Springs which is the center of this picture.

James John described the campsite for September 11th which was at Owl Springs. "We started early, travelled about 14 miles to the southwest, and found water and grass here and we camped for the night."

The following day, the first wagons were abandoned. John Bidwell wrote: "Mr. Kelsey left his wagons and took his family and goods on pack horses, his oxen not being able to keep up. Distance today, about twelve miles."

James John wrote: "This morning left two wagons belonging to b. Kelsey, their oxen being worn down by fatigue. They were compelled to leave their wagons and pack their belongings on horses and mules."

Charles Kelly in his book Salt Desert Trails claims that: An iron boxing from the wheel of a linch - pin wagon was found at this spring, implying that it was from one of the abandoned Kelsey wagons.

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