SIA3617: Panorama of Wood Henge, Cahokia and Surrounding Country

Copyright:© Copyright 2010 Calvin J. Hamilton
Date Added:2010/03/01
Location:Collinsville, Illinois.

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This is about a 180 degree panorama of Woodhenge (left) with several mounds on the right. In the fard distance Monk's Mound can be seen rising above the other mounds.

The reconstructed Woodhenge was erected in 1985. It was a circle of wooden posts used to make astronomical observations and was used as a calendar. It was consructed by the Mississippian Indians about 1000 A.D. The original circle was 410 feet in diameter and had 48 cedar posts. In this reconstruction forty posts have been used in the origianl positions. Red ochre, (an iron-clay oxide) found in excavations suggest that the posts were painted red. The function of all of the posts is not know, but three were used to mark the equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices as observed from the center post.

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