SIA4114: Mound 72

Copyright:© Copyright 2013 Calvin J. Hamilton
Location:Collinsville, Illinois.

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Mound 72 was an important burial mound. It was partially excavated from 1967-1971. It consists of 3 primary mounds that were eventually covered by a final layer of soil to form this ridge top mound. Only 2/3rds of the mound was excavated, but within the excavation there were nearly 300 burials. These burials were probably sacrificial or ritual burials. On the east end one burial, probably a leader, was laid on a bed of 20,000 marine shell beads with several people buried around him. There was a large deposit of grave offerings which included 15 chunkey games stones, a pile of raw mica, a roll of copper, and over 800 perfect arrow points.

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