Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh Plant
Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh Leaf
Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh Flowers.
Black Cohosh
Actaea racemosa

Common Names
Cohosh bugbane, battle weed, black cohosh, black snakeroot, blueberry, blue ginseng, bugbane, cohosh, columbine-leaved leontice, cordate rattle-top, heart-leaved snakeroot, meadow rue leontice, papoose root, rattle root, rattlesnake root, rattle-top, rattle weed, richweed, squaw root, yellow ginseng.

A perennial shrub that grows to 8 feet in height. Each of the leaf stems holds 2,3, or 5 leaflets. The plant is topped with a slender spike of small, white flowers. The rhizome or root is knotted. Before 1998, Actaea racemosa was classified as Cimicifuga racemosa so much of the literature is found under that name.

Flowering Period
June to August

Rich, open woods.

Rhizomes and roots in the fall.

The roots and rhizomes are considered valuable in treating chronic rheumatism. The plant is also used as an expectorant, astrigent, emmenagogue, and bitter tonic. A tea made from the root is used to treat sore throat. It is also becoming very popular in treating menopausal symptoms.

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