Common Boneset Common Boneset
Eupatorium perfoliatum L. (Asteraceae)

Common Names
Boneset, ague-weed, common boneset, crosswort, feverwort, Indian sage, Joepye, sweating plant, sweating weed, teagel, thorough-stem, thoroughwax, thoroughwort, throughstem, vegetable antimony, wild Isaac, wild sage.

A perennial that grows to 1 to 5 feet in height. Heavy stems are lightly hairy. Leaves are opposite, and grow completely together at the base. Produces flat heads of white- or purple-tinged flowers.

Flowering Period
Late July to October.

Swamps, marshes, low ground, alluvial woods, damp areas, and pastures.

Herb in spring, leaves and flowering tops in late summer (Avoid coarse stems.)

This plant is used as a stimulant to promote digestion, strengthen the viscera, and restore body tone. It is also considered sudorific, alterative, antiseptic, cathartic, emetic, febrifuge, diuretic, and astringent. In Appalachia, a tea made of the leaves is used to treat coughs and consumption, and it is used as a laxative.

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