Catchweed Catchweed
Galium aparine L. (Rubiaceae)

Common Names
Catchweed bedstraw, bedstraw, catchweed, cheese rennet herb, chicus, clabbergrass, cleavers, cleaver’s herb, cleaves, cleverwort, goosegrass, goose’s hare, milksweet, poor robin, savoyan, scratchweed, spring cleavers, turkey grass.

An annual that has a weak, reclining, bristly 4-angled stem, with hairy joints. Leaves occur in whorls of 8. Flowers are white in cymes. Fruit is very bristly.

Flowering Period
May to July.

Rich woods, thickets, seashores, waste ground, and shady areas.

Herb in May and June, during flowering.

The U.S. Dispensatory lists the plant as an anti-scorbutic. The herb is also a diuretic, tonic, astringent, antispasmodic; and it is used to treat inflammation of the kidneys and bladder. The seeds are used as a coffee substitute in Sweden; and the dried plant is used as a tea in some countries.

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