Common Moonseed
Menispermum canadense L. (Menispermaceae)

Common Names
Common moonseed, Canada moonseed, maple vine, moonseed, Texas sarsaparilla, vine maple, yellow parilla, yellow sarsaparilla.

A woody, twining perennial vine that grows from a thick root. Leaves are wide with 3 to 7 angles or lobes around the outside margin. Produces bunches of white or greenish flowers and small black grape-like berries.

Flowering Period
June to August.

Thickets and light woodlands where there is rich soil; alluvial soils, rocky ravines, fence rows, and cool regions.

Rhizomes and roots during fall.

The root has been used as a diuretic and a stomachic. Some also claim it has value in arthritic conditions and blood disorders.

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