Eastern Hemlock
Tsuga canadensis (L.) carr. (Pinaceae)

Common Names
Eastern hemlock, Canada hemlock, hemlock, hemlock fir, hemlock spruce, hemlock spruce pine, spruce pine, tan-bark tree, weeping spruce.

An evergreen tree, usually 60 to 70 feet in height. Leaves are 1/3- to 2/3-inch long, needle-like, flattened, tapering from base to tip, bright green above, light silvery green with 2 white streaks below. Cones are small to inch long. Bark is dark reddish-brown, and deeply furrowed.

Flowering Period
April to early June.

Hilly, mountainous, rocky woods, upland loams, moist benches, and swamp borders.

Bark and resin, which is collected by cutting the trunk of the tree.

The bark has been used primarily because of its tannin content, which makes it a strong astringent. Resin is used as a mild rubefacient and veterinary liniment.

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