Horse Chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum L. (Hippocastanaceae)

Common Names
Common horsechestnut, buckeye tree, horsechestnut.

A large tree that grows to 100 feet in height. Buds are large and sticky, nearly black. Leaves have 5 to 7 pointed leaflets 4 to 8 inches long and broader at top than at base. Flowers have large spreading white petals with red markings at base; the flowers occur in showy clusters up to 1 foot long. The fruit is round and prickly and contains a round shiny brown nut 2 inches long.

Flowering Period
April to May.

Cultivated areas and some wooded areas.

Bark and fruit in the fall.

The bark is reported to have value as a tonic and febrifuge. Traditionally, people of Appalachia have carried a nut to prevent rheumatism. In Europe, an alcohol extract of the nut was used to treat hemorrhoids and is considered a vasa-constrictor.

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