Mitchella repens L. (Rubiaceae)

Common Names
Partridgeberry, checkerberry, creep-chequer berry, deer berry, hive vine, one berry, running box, squawberry, squaw vine, twinberry, two-eyed berry, two-eyed chequer berry, winter clover.

This creeping, perennial vine is distinguished by small roundish evergreen leaves that are shiny above and frequently have white lines. Produces scented white flowers tinged with purple, and scarlet, 2-eyed berries.

Flowering Period
May to July.

Damp, moist, deciduous woods; often found associated with hemlock and rhododendron.

Herb in fall.

This plant has been used frequently in ornamental terraria. The bright, orange red berry and dark green leaves are very attractive. Therapeutically, the plant has been described as astringent, diuretic, and topic.

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