Purplestem Angelica
Angelica atropurpurea L. (Umbelliferae)

Common Names
Purplestem angelica, alexanders, American angelica, angelica, archangel, Aunt Jerichos, bellyache root, common angelica, dead nettle, great angelica, high angelica, masterwort, masterwort aromatic.

A shrub that grows to 7 feet in height. Stem is purplish. Three saw-toothed leaves occur at the tip of each leaf-stem. Leaves are alternate and compound; leaflets are 3-parted with serrate margins. White or greenish flowers occur in terminal clusters at the end of stalk. Stalks and clusters are arranged in a semicircle or umbel.

Flowering Period
June to August.

Mostly cultivated in gardens; in rich low grounds, and near streams and swamps.

Root in fall.

The drug contains volatile oil that is used as a flavoring agent and in treating colic and flatulence. Some sources list it as an expectorant. A confection prepared by sugaring the boiled stems is considered a gourmet favorite. In Europe a root infusion is used to treat dyspepsia and stomach diseases and is considered diuretic and expectorant.

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