Red Cedar Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana L.

Common Names
Eastern redcedar, Carolina cedar, cedar, cedar apple, evergreen, juniper, pencil cedar, red cedar, red juniper, red savin, savin, Virginia cedar.

Red Cedar Description
A small erect evergreen tree 20 to 50 feet in height. Trunk is lobed, buttressed, and has thin, red-tinged, fibrous, peeling bark. foliage has needle and scale form. Produces smooth, round, berry-like bluish fruit with 1 or 2 seeds.

Flowering Period
February to March.

Pasture land; dry, rarely wet, open woods; or calcareous rocky slopes and barrens.

Red Cedar Harvest
Leaves and mature fruits.

The leaves have been used as a stimulant, emmenagogue, and taeniafuge. In Appalachia, a mixture of nuts, leaves, and twigs is boiled and inhaled as a treatment for bronchitis. In New Mexico, some of the Spanish-speaking culture use a boiled mixture of bark and water to treat skin rash.

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