Prunella vulgaris L. (Lamiaceae)

Common Names
Heal-all, blue curls, brownwort, carpenter’s herb, carpenterweed, common selfheal, dragonhead, hookweed, self-heal, sickleweed, sicklewort.

A perennial that grows to 2 feet in height. Usually the plant is much tufted, and sometimes it is horizontal. Leaves are round and bract-like. Violet purple blooms, about ˝ inch long, are found in the axils of the leaves in a close spike or head.

Flowering Period
April to October.

Roadsides, lawns, fields, pastures, wastelands, and grasslands.

Herb from May to September, at flowering time.

The herb is used as an aromatic and carminative. It has been used also as a gargle, and in treating hemorrhage and diarrhea.

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