Seneca Snakeroot
Polygala senega L. (Polygalaceae)

Common Names
Seneca-snakeroot polygala, milkwort, mountain flax, rattlesnake root, senecaroot, Seneca snakeroot, senega root, senega snakeroot, seneka snakeroot.

A perennial that grows to 2 feet in height. Several stems arise from crown, and have numerous alternate linear-shaped leaves. Dense spikes of white or pinkish flowers tinged with green terminate the stem. Produces seeds in capsules.

Flowering Period
April to July.

Dry woods on limestone, rocky soils, and higher altitudes.

Root in autumn. (Knotty crown must be removed first.)

The plant is reportedly used as an emetic, purgative, diuretic, expectorant, and tonic.

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