Slim Amaranth
Amaranthus hybridus L. (Amaranthaceae)

Common Names
Smooth pipweed, amaranth, careless, green amaranth, green opened amaranth, hybrid amaranthus, love…lies bleeding, pigweed, prince’s feather, red cockscomb, slender pigweed, slim amaranth, spleen amaranth, wild beet.

An annual 1 to 6 feet in height, erect, branched above. Leaves are alternate, petioled, 3 to 6 inches long, dull green, rough, hairy, ovate or rhombic, with wavy margins. Flowers are small, with greenish or red terminal panicles. Taproot is long, fleshy, red or pink.

Flowering Period
June to October.

Waste places, cultivated fields, and barn yards.

Leaves and herb.

Because of its astringent quality, this plant has been used in treating dysentery, ulcers, hemorrhage of the bowel.

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