Vanilla Leaf
Trilisa odoratissima (walt.) cass (Asteraceae)

Common Names
Vanilla trilisa, deerstongue, dogtongue, vanilla leaf, vanilla plant.

An erect, stout perennial that grows to 2 to 3 feet in height. Basal leaves are large, smooth, spatula-like, with stem-clasping leaves diminishing as they ascend the stem. Leaves are alternate, and up to 10 inches long. Foliage is vanilla-scented. Flowers are in flat-topped purplish clusters.

Flowering Period
July to September.

Open, low pine forests of the Southeast, damp fields, and barrens.

Leaves in early summer to fall.

The herb has no reported drug use. However, it is used as a blend with tobacco, and because it is high in coumarin it has been used to flavor medicinal compounds.

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