Virginia Tephrosia
Tephrosia virginiana (L.) pers. (Fabaceae)

Common Names
Virginia tephrosia, catgut, devilís shoe strings, goatís rue, hoary pea, rabbit pea, turkey pea.

A perennial that grows to 2 feet in height. Stem is erect, simple, and leafy to the top, with narrowly elliptic leaflets arranged compoundly on either side of main stem, which is hairy. Flowers are large and densely cluttered on a terminal spike; they are yellowish white marked with purple. The podlike fruits are heavy and hairy, about 2 inches long.

Flowering Period
Mid-May to August.

Dry, sandy woods and openings.

Herb in summer; roots in fall.

The root of this plant is used as an insecticide and, according to the U.S. Dispensatory, as a vermifuge.

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