Wax Myrtle
Myrica cerifera L. (Myricaceae)

Common Names
Southern wax myrtle, American vegetable tallow. American vegetable wax, bayberry, bayberry tallow, bayberry waxtree, bearing myrica, candleberry, candleberry myrtle, myrtle, southern bayberry, tallow shrub, waxberry, wax myrtle.

A perennial shrub or small tree that grows to 35 feet in height, with waxy rough branchlets. The narrow evergreen leaves taper at both ends. Flowers are in form of short scaly catkins. Produces grayish berries.

Flowering Period
April to June.

Poor, dry areas particularly; pine barrens and low woods.

Root bark in fall; roots are gently heated and bark stripped.

The fruit is the main source of wax used in making candles. The root bark is astringent and emetic.

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