Yellow Lady’s Slipper
Cypripedium calceolus L. Var. parviflorum (salisb.) fern. (Orchidaceae)

Common Names
Yellow lady’s slipper, American valerian, lady-slipper, nerve root, small golden slipper, small moccasin flower, small yellow lady’s slipper, yellow Indian shoe, yellow moccasin.

An aromatic perennial that grows to 4 to 28 inches in height. Ovate, alternate leaves grow from sheaths around stem of plant. It has large, sac-like yellow “slippers”. Flower petals range from greenish yellow to purplish brown.

Flowering Period
April to June.

Bogs and moist places.

Roots in fall.

The plant is used as a sedative and in treating neuralgia. In Appalachia, a root tea is used to treat nervous ailments and headaches.

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