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Washington's Headquarters

George Washington's Headquarters, Valley Forge

Within a week of the army's arrival at Valley Forge, General Washington recognized that he would need a place to organize and orchestrate the plans for the entire army that, in addition to the troops at Valley Forge, were spread throughout the colonies to the north and south of the encampment. Although the majority of the troops residing at Valley Forge through the winter of 1777 and spring of 1778 lived in huts, many of the General Officers shared or rented local farm houses. This practice was customarily done to accomodate the needs of a general's staff and aides.

General Washington rented this house, owned by Isaac Potts, from its occupant, Mrs. Deborah Hewes. Here the General and his staff received local officials and foreign dignitaries, in addition to coordinating the daily operations of the of the entire continental army.

Business Room Business Room
Room used to conduct army business. Room used to conduct army business.
Bedroom Bedroom
Bedroom for army staff. Bedroom for army staff.
Bedroom Bedroom
George and Marth Washington's bedroom. Washington Headquarter's kitchen.

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