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Chronology of Events
1848 Built as fire-engin house for U.S. Armory.
1859 Serves as stronghold for John Brown and his raiders.
Escapes destruction during Civil War (only armory building to do so), but is vandalized by souvenir-hunting Union and Confederate soldiers and later travelers.
1891 Dismantled and transported to Chicago Exposition.
1895 Rescued from conversion to stable and brought back to Harpers Ferry area to be exhibited on a farm.
1909 Purchased by Storer College and moved to campus.
1968 Moved by National Park Service to within 150 feet of its original location.

John Brown Fort

The John Brown Fort has a curious past. Since its construction in 1848, it has been vandalized, dismantled, and moved four times -- all because of its fame as John Brown's stronghold.

On October 16, 1859, the abolitionist John Brown and his men attacked Harpers Ferry. By the following afternoon the local militia had penned the raiders in this building. United States Marines stormed the building at dawn on the 18th and captured Brown. Convicted of murder, treason, and inciting slaves to rebellion, he was hanged in nearby Charles Town on December 2, 1859.

(Information adapted from resources provided by the National Park Service.)

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