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Smith Frame House

The Smith Frame Home

This New England-style farmhouse was a pleasant prospect for the Smith family as they looked forward to having a house more comfortable for their parents in their advancing years. By November 1822, the frame was raised and all the materials were secured for its completion. The project fell under the management of Alvin, the oldest son, who had been apprenticed as a builder. He took particular delight in preparing for his parent's comfort in their old age. On November 15, 1823 Alvin suddenly became sick and soon died. Construction abated temporarily but later commenced and the family moved into the home in 1825. Two months later the final payment came due and Mr. Stoddard, the principal carpenter of the house, with two others managed through deceit to convince the land agent to grant them the sale of the property. Through much effort the Smiths procured some intervention by having the deed handed over to Mr. Durfee, the high sheriff, who then became the owner of the farm. Having lost title to the property, they were able to stay on as renters for approximately three years until it became necessary to move back to the log home with Hyrum and his wife Jerusha Smith.

Smith Frame Home

Lucy Mack Smith recalled,

"See what a comfortable home we have had here and what pains every child that we have has taken to provide for us everything necessary to make our old age comfortable, and long life desirable . . . . I now give this up for the sake of Christ and salvation and I pray God to help me to do so without one murmur or a tear. . . . I will not cast one longing look upon anything which I leave behind me."

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