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Tsankawi Petroglyphs

Tsankawi Petroglyphs

Numerous petroglyphs can be found around Tsankawi and for that matter throughout the southwest. Petroglyphs are designs carved into the stone. The ones presented here are located along the cliffs and in some of the cave dwellings. Unfortunately the carvings were made in the soft tuff stone which easily erodes. Many of the drawings have become difficult to see or have disappeared all together. Some of the meanings of the figures are known among modern day Indians and are culturally significant to them. Other petroglyphs, we can only speculate about what the people were trying to say.

Among the petroglyphs are figures of people, animals, birds, four pointed stars and other designs. The petroglyph to the left shows a human like figure with feathers or corn husks on its head. Similar carvings in tuff stone can be found at Frijoles canyon. and an extensive collection of petroglyphs can be found south of Bandelier National Mounument at Petroglyph National Monument.


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