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Voices of Battle

Art of Reconnaissance
What went wrong when Longstreet's scouts failed to find the key to the Union flank on July 2nd? Gettysburg Ranger Karlton Smith examines Captain Samuel R. Johnston and his scouting expedition at Gettysburg.

A Diary of Battle
Colonel Charles Wainwright commanded Union artillery of the First Corps during the battle on July 1.

Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain
The commander of the 20th Maine Infantry describes his regiment's defiant stand at Little Round Top.

Charlie Coulson, The Drummer Boy
A True Story in the American Civil War, by Max Louis Rossvally.

General James Longstreet: "Never was I so depressed."
The controversy surrounding General James Longstreet at Gettysburg and after, examined by Karlton Smith, Park Ranger at Gettysburg.

General George Pickett: "General, I have no division."
The Fame of Pickett's Charge by John Heiser, Park Ranger/Historian at Gettysburg.

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