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Gates of the Bear
This photo is looking to the southwest with the town of Trenton in the lower left corner, Little Mountain on the left margin- center and the Gates of the Bear in the center of the photo.

August 16, 1841

Travel south on SR 84 from the east-west road (3600 South) to the UTAH-IDAHO BORDER (2.6 miles). Crossing the border, Idaho SR 84 becomes Utah SR 23. The Bidwell-Bartleson party traveled south along the west side of the Bear River through today's Cornish, Trenton, Amalga, and Newton.

Travel south on SR 23 through Cornish to the JUNCTION (5.7 miles) with SR 142.

Turn left onto SR 142 and travel east 1.5 miles through Trenton to the junction with a road heading south. As you travel towards the junction, SR 142 bends southward and then eastward.

Bear River Bidwell August 16, 1841 Campsite
This photo shows the Bear River meandering to the south in Cache Valley where the Bidwell Party were to meet the men who went to Fort Hall. The town of Trenton is where most of the trees are in the upper right of the photo. Little Mountain is in the upper right corner. The top center of the photo is where the marshes or barrens are and the Cutler Reservoir is located. The trail would be from the right center to the upper left hand corner on the west side of the Bear River. This photo is looking northwest. The community of Almalga where they camped on Aug. 16, is in the lower right side of the photo. The wet or barren areas are on the left side.

Turn right at the junction and travel south 1.9 miles to the junction with a road on the left. Turn left and travel east 1.5 miles to the junction with a road on the right. Turn right and travel south 1.8 miles to the 16 AUGUST CAMPSITE (6.7 miles), on the left by the Bear River near the town of Amalga. James John described the campsite: "Today we travelled about 10 miles and encamped on the bank of Bear river near a place called Cash valley."


First Overland Emigrant Party

"Travelled about ten miles and camped on Bear River near a place called Cash [Cache] valley."

James John, August 16, 1841
2000 Utah Crossroads Chapter - OCTA BBU-1

August 15, 1841 August 17, 1841

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