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Proceed right to the west on this road to a traffic control signal on U-36 then proceed across and on to the turn out for the Old Mill on your right, which is the oldest building in Tooele County. Note the deep wash on the west side of the building. The wash at this point would prevent the emigrant wagons from crossing. A 1959 aerial photo, in the authors possession, shows a trail going south along the mill stream south east from the Old Mill and where the condominiums now sit. It also shows a distinct trail going through a grain field in this area, this of course was before the buildings were constructed.

After reading the historic markers at the Old Mill turnout, turn around and head back east for a short distance to the first road on your right which will take you past the condos in a curve to the left. This is Stansbury Parkway street, follow this road for 0.5 miles to a street without a name just west of U-36. Turn right and travel 0.3 mile to the rail post marker on the lawn on your right. This marker reads:


"They was building a mill a saw mill we then went about a mile to the good spring caled Bentons mill springs one was salt ... we then camped being very tired"

Sarah Davis, Aug. 23, 1850
2000 Utah Crossroads Chapter - OCTA HU-7

The two Mill Springs are in the deep wash to the northwest of the marker.

Mathers on August 8th stated: ". . .After leaving the mountain we found two very large springs coming out in a deep ravine but a few feet apart one was salt & the other fresh and very good but has a little alkaline taste. ..."

From the Rail Post, continue south on the road which will curve around then come to a stop sign at 0.8 mile. Turn left and then drive to a traffic signal. Turn right at the light on to U-36 and follow it for 1.9 miles to the Erda Road which heads west. Stansbury's map of 1849 shows a semi circular bend to the southwest and then northwest to Grantsville. The author has attempted to follow the approximate location of the trail by staying above the springs along this route. Jefferson states that it was 14 miles between camps at Adobe Rock and Twenty Wells.

Travel on the Erda Road to the west for 5.8 miles until you come to the road going to Grantsville, which is Highway U-138. Turn left and travel on this road for 3.0 miles which becomes Grantsville Main Street. Then turn right on Hale street, drive to the north one block to Clark Street. According to the 1856 GLO map - the route we are following since coming on U-138, is close to the location of the original route of the Hastings Trail. Continue on Clark Street 0.5 mile to Cooley Street. Notice the old, white, building on the southwest corner. This is now Granstville's Donner Museum. The building, was used as a school originally and was within the Fort walls which was built here when the Mormons settled the area after 1850.

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