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CHAPTER I.General Observations on the Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley
Plate II. Map of a Section of Twelve Miles of the Scioto Valley
Plate III. Paint Creek and Great Miami Valleys
CHAPTER II.Earthworks; Enclosures; Works of Defence
Works of Defence
Plate IV. Stone Work, Near Bourneville, Ross County, Ohio (Spruce Hill)
Plate V. "Fort Hill," Highland County, Ohio
Plate VI. Fortified Hill, Butler County, Ohio
Plate VII. "Fort Ancient," Warren County, Ohio
Plate VIII. From the Surveys and Notes of James McBride.
Plate IX.
Plate X. Clark's Work; North Fork of Paint Creek
Plate XI. From the Surveys and Notes of James McBride
Plate XII. Stone Work, on Duck River, Tennessee
Plate XIII.
Plate XIV.
Plate XV. Ancient Works in Northern Ohio
CHAPTER III.Earthworks–Sacred Enclosures
Plate XVI. High Bank Works, Ross Country, Ohio
Plate XVII. Hopeton Works, Ross Country, Ohio
Plate XVIII. Cedar Bank Works, Ross Country, Ohio
Plate XIX. Mound City, Ross County, Ohio
Plate XX. Ancient Work, Liberty Township, Ross County, Ohio
Plate XXI.
Plate XXII.
Plate XXIII. Works in Ross & Athens Counties, Ohio
Plate XXIV. Ancient Works, Pike County, Ohio
Plate XXV. The Newark Works, Licking County, Ohio
Plate XXVI. Ancient Works at Marietta, Ohio
Plate XXVII. The Portsmouth Works, Scioto County, Ohio
Plate XXVIII. The Portsmouth Works, Groups A, B, and C
Plate XXIX.
Plate XXX.
Plate XXXI. Graded Way, Near Piketon, Pike County, Ohio
Plate XXXII.
Plate XXXIV.
Plate XXXV. The Great Serpent, Adams County, Ohio
Plate XXXVI.
CHAPTER IV.Monuments of the Southern States
Plate XXXVII. Remains on the Wateree River, Kershaw District, South Carolina.
Plate XXXVIII. Ancient Works on the Etowah River, Alabama.
CHAPTER V.Monuments of the North-West
CHAPTER VI.Earthworks; The Mounds; Mounds of Sacrifice
CHAPTER VII.Mounds of Sepulture
CHAPTER VIII.Temple Mounds
CHAPTER IX.Anomalous Mounds; Mounds of Observation; Stone Heaps
CHAPTER X.Remains of Art Found in the Mounds; Pottery and Articles of Clay
CHAPTER XI.Implements of Metal
CHAPTER XII.Ornaments of Metal
CHAPTER XIII.Implements of Stone, etc.
CHAPTER XIV.Ornaments of Stone, Bone, etc.
CHAPTER XV.Sculptures from the Mounds
CHAPTER XVI.Metals, Fossils, Minerals, Etc., of the Mounds
CHAPTER XVII.Crania from the Mounds
CHAPTER XVIII.Sculptured or Inscribed Rocks
CHAPTER XIX.Concluding Observations

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